Live streaming
from DJI Drone is easy

Built for commercial, government and hobbyist pilots.
We simplify the process of sharing a live feed from a drone.

an app by drone-i

Current streaming facilities for drone operators are limited to being shared with social media and other unrelated outputs. We aim to change that.

Service features

Hobbyists & Enthusiasts

Enjoy streams from all over the world. Follow their favorite pilots and be notified when they start streaming.

Commercial Operators

Organisations that use drones for commercial purposes will be able collaborate better with clients and specialists based off-site.

Search and Rescue

Relaying the video from the drone to anyone on the search would greatly increase situational awareness. Check out DJIs efficacy study on the use of drones in SAR.

Public Safety

We are building an interface specifically for Public Safety users. Features such as secure organisation user list, among many more will allow for better collaboration within the area of operation.

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With many more features in the pipeline, we aim to be the number one live streaming platform for drones.

Main features

Record and Saved Streams

This will present all the public live streams from all over the world in one place, alowing us all to view the beautiful new perspectives DJI gives us!

Pilots and drone location is shared

Great for those with clients, crew or specialists based off-site, giving them a better awareness of the environment and geography.

Download finished streams

Perfect for creatives to start work on the rough-cuts until they receive delivery of the high-resolution finished product, or those that wish to analyse the stream closely


The pilot and the viewers can communicate with each other directly during the stream

Two methods of connecting to the drone

As some would like to swiftly stream out, Dronestream has the 'plug-and-play' ability where you will simply connect the drone to the RC and the stream is ready to go.
The second method is via RTMP via the DJI Go app, this means that you can still make use of all the fantastic features flying via DJI Go, all while your stream feeds through to Dronestream via DJI's 'custom RTMP' option.